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Our hospital medical team consists of the best dentists, all with expert skills and knowledge in their dental fields. We promise to provide safe and well-structured treatment to all of our patients. In addition, with continuous research, we strive to be in the forefront of Dental Service both domestically and internationally. With our fluent translation coordinators in English, Chinese, and Russian, we greet out patients with warmth and hospitality. Considering the limited amount of time that our visitors have, we developed programs that will provide fast and safe dental treatments to our patients. Starting from basic diagnostic work-up to implants, crowns, orthodontics, cavity treatments, etc. our hospital will do the very best to satisfy our patient's needs.

Braces: With thorough diagnossis and various options for brace types, we will help our patients through out the process

   Basic- Metal, Ceramic, Lingual, Transparent 

   Special- Damon, Invisalign, Clippy-c


Esthetic prosthesis: The authentic Cerec system will provide beautiful teeth in just 1 Day! Our MC XL Milling unit has the precision of twice the general equipment used to delete ceramics. For a fast-paced society, we will assist with your teeth in 1 Day!

Implant: Our medical team has years of experience in implant treatments and provide hundreds of procedures yearly. Also, for those who have anxiety during surgical procedures and have dental phobias, we provide sleep implant, which is an implant procedure done while the patient undergoes anesthesia. (Unlike general anesthesia, we inject sleep-inducing agents, which will keep the patient asleep for the procedure. Our professional anesthetist will oversee the entire process for safety and comfort)

    Esthetic Implant

    Quick Implant

    Full Implant


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